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Frontech Brakes is an expert on manufacturing all kinds of Brake Pads, Brake Parts, & Rotors and 85% of our products are exported to Europe, the US, Japan, Australia and India. We provide customization service of all our Brake Pads, Brake Parts, & Rotors. OEM brake pads can be delivered in 25 days . All our Staff works with 20 years’ experience.

Frontech Brakes is ruling Brake Pads, Brake Parts, & Rotors market over two decades. We always strive to serve in best possible way. Fulfilling our commitment is our motive.

Frontech Brakes Factory Tour

Product Process of Frontech Brakes


Customer Orders

Product Process Evaluation, Printing pattern designing, Template designing


Making Sample

High-quality four-color digital printing machine, High-quality ten-color digital printing machine, Jingwei high-precision cutting prototype



KBA 1056 6 + 2 (including UV) offset printing machine, KBA 105 5 + 1 high-match offset press, Heidelberg five-color high-match offset press



High-performance temperature-controlled glue coating machine, Matte film, bright film, pre-coated film, colored film,


Silk Screen (UV)

Automatic cylinder screen printing machine, Screen printing, partial UV, sanding, Automatic deep grain embossing machine,Various texture embossing, deep embossing


Hot Stamping

Tianjin MK1060 high performance, Automatic bronzing machine, Dumb gold, bright gold, laser gold, Bump bronzing, embossing


Paper and Tile Mounting

“Kestar” high-quality high-speed laminating machine, Mount E tile, B tile, C tile, F tile, G tile, EB tile, BC tile


Die Cutting

” Evergreen Technology “High Speed ​​High Performance High Quality, Automatic die cutting machine, Indentation line, zigzag line, perforation, window opening


Sticky Box

Jiayante “High Speed ​​Nail Box Automatic Production Line, “Jiajie” high-speed automatic box production line “


Products Delivery

Product quality inspection (MK4200 inspection machine), Product packaging and storage, Product out of stock

Why Frontech Brakes?

  • One Stop Brake Pads Solutions
  • 25 Years Experiences
  • 26 Designers to Help Your Business
  • 36 Natinal Technology Patents
  • 24/7 After-Sales Service Commitment

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